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100% Aussie Essential Oils Straight From The Farms

Curated, harvested and distilled by us and our mates

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Oil from one harvest only – COAs available

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Essential Oil Benefits


Try our Eucalyptus Oils.
Known for their antibacterial properties


Try our Rosalina and White Cypress.
Grounding, calming with pure healing qualities


Try our Lemon Scented Tea Tree.
Uplifting and energising, it can help to clear the mind and promote focus
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We Harvest And Distill All Our Oils

Made With Care

We responsibly harvest with the planet in mind

Essential Oil Experts

Over 60 years cumulative experience in providing the best

100% Pure Essential Oils

Our oils are pure straight from the farm with no adulteration

Eucalyptus Is Never Just Eucalyptus

Which Eucalyptus To Choose?

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All of them! Every eucalyptus oil we range is unique. From minty to lemony and traditional Australian, there are three eucalyptus types we have selected to bottle for you. If you are only to select one, then choosing between them might seem difficult, so we have summarised their characteristics for you. If all else fails, try them all!

Eucalyptus Australiana

A species with many names, Australiana, Narrow Leaf Peppermint Gum and Radiata, this oil is prized globally for its wide variety of benefits including anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-bacterial qualities. Eucalyptus Australiana is native to Australia and now grown around the world. This oil from the southern regions of New South Wales has a light and fruity menthol aroma that adds to its prominent Eucalyptus scent making it one of the most desirable Eucalypts available.

Eucalyptus Lemon Ironbark

A suitably calming Eucalypt grown in the far tips of north Queensland. This oil has a bright and sweet lemon-fresh aroma thanks to a high limonene value that dulls the brilliance of the Eucalyptus scent creating a very unique fragrance. Used diluted in massage oils around the world, if a calming and refreshing Eucalyptus is something you are looking for then Lemon Ironbark is your new champion. 

Eucalyptus Blue Mallee

The classic Eucalyptus. Blue Mallee trees grow across such a wide area, typically in dry and arid regions. The aroma of this Eucalypt has become the pioneering scent in so many common household products from cleaning to medicinal. Blue Mallee has a strong fresh pine like aroma and has its place in Indigenous medicinal and culinary usage. This is the oil for cleansing and purifying your home.

Aussie Bush Aromas Testimonials

We Don't Like To Brag, But We're Changing The Game

I really love the transparency and knowing where this oil came from

KimCustomer Feedback

I’m so happy I found Aussie Bush Aromas, they all smell so good! Takes me back to Australia.

CliffCustomer Feedback

Thanks for being available to buy from so many places. I’m an amazon prime member so it was super easy.

JohnCustomer Feedback
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