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Our True Passion

Essential oils are used everywhere. From skin care to household products, medicinal products and so much more they really live up to the term essential. They are also essential to so many farms as well! Many of our farms use essential oil-bearing trees to help manage soil quality; provide windbreaks for livestock and food crops; capture carbon; and for farmers that have been stuck with unpredictable incomes year in and year out, they produce an extra opportunity for stability. What’s not to love about that?

When farmers come together

Inspired By Results

Those that farm, know that the family behind Aussie Bush Aromas provides support to Aussie farmers by way of shared knowledge, agricultural equipment, distillation services and trade aid. They’re on the ground with the farmers year-round and through every step of the process. That’s how we can prove to you where our oils come from. Aussie Bush Aromas is a family owned and operated harvesting and distilling business so that you can experience the true quality and purity of Australian grown and produced essential oils.

Not all oils are equal

The Power of Essential Oils

A number of factors contribute to the final aroma of an essential oil. These can be the age of the tree or bush, growing climate, plant species, usage of crop inputs or lack thereof, recent rain or lack thereof prior to harvest, the time of year harvests are done, distillation method and length, final oil refinement and adulteration, just to name a small few. Because essential oil production is a rather scientific and complex process we encourage you to know more about who is producing your oils and what they’re made of to help guide you to a deeper appreciation of the beautiful aromas you surround yourself with.

We provide a breakdown of what makes up an essential oil on each product page. Learn more about the history of how we came to be Aussie Bush Aromas here. You can also learn more about the farms on each product page.

With essential oils so widely used in many typical household products the motivation of manufacturers to cut down costs can cause companies to seek out what is called adulterated product. Sometimes this means the oil aroma is synthesised partially or wholly, and sometimes this means adding harsh chemicals to the oil to help the aroma last longer. Think about those stories of burger buns still looking fresh as a daisy years after production, the idea is the here with adulteration is the same.

Real and pure essential oils will change over time, some aspects of the aroma will fade. This is because essential oils are made up of natural constituents that, like all natural things, break down with age. There are natural methods to slow this process such as storage conditions (cool and dark) and limited exposure to external elements (sunlight and air), which is why we have chosen our packaging very carefully with thick dark-coated glass and openings specially designed to prolong the shelf life of our oils by limiting exposure to the air around us.

Aussie Bush Aromas – Australia

We have very high standards here down under which is why we choose to make all our quality results available to you should you wish to read them.
Aussie Bush Aromas avoids all chemicals, pesticides and herbicides on our crops and in our distillation processes. Further the only process our oils go through once distilled is filtration to remove any leftover botanicals before being filled by us in our bottling room. Clean and pure.

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