Blue Mallee

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Eucalyptus polybractea
Quintessential Aussie Eucalyptus aroma.

The most well-known Aussie eucalyptus oil is prized for its anti-septic qualities. It is known to help with breathing and other respiratory issues, tired muscles, and because of its antiseptic qualities it is beneficial in air fresheners and cleaners. It is found in off-the-shelf products such as lollies, gums, creams, gels and cleaners this Eucalyptus oil is used almost everywhere you look.




A bit about the farm

At the tip of South Australia's Eyre Peninsula at the base of the outback in Banggarla country is a unique farm. Blue Mallee trees were planted decades past to assist with carbon capture in an otherwise baron countryside. The wheat farmers turned into essential oil producers when they saw the advantages of encouraging these trees to regrow by harvesting them for oil distillation. This offset any potential declines in wheat production due to drought and has the added benefit of regenerating the trees and improving in carbon capture in a highly machined area.


This plantation is machine harvested, then distilled onsite using a purpose built system designed and constructed by Native Oils Australia. It uses on-site tank water that is cooled and returned to the tank at the end of the distillation process.

Essential Oil Testimonials

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

I smell Eucalyptus oil all the time when i get colds, this oil helps me sleep at night.

DrewCustomer Feedback

You can really notice the quality difference. You can tell this oil is real and not synthetic.

JamesCustomer Feedback

I'm so happy with my purchase, it was so quick and easy. Loved that i could use my Prime status to get free shipping with Amazon

AviCustomer Feedback

Reduces bacterial contamination

Relieves congestion

Blue Mallee Benefits

This is a familiar smelling essential oil that has been used for decades to relieve headaches; reduce cold and flu congestion; assist with pain relief brought on by arthritis; soothe sore and strained muscles; reduce symptoms of sinus inflammation and cleanse insect bites and itchy skin. Beyond the medicinal applications which should only be treated by a professional, Blue Mallee has a strong history of use in the cleansing rituals of first nation cultures.

It’s high 1.8-cineole content is behind the superior therapeutic aspects and can explain its usage as an insect repellent and natural insecticide, as well as being a leading contender in a vast array of household cleaning products. The use of Blue Mallee oil globally outstrips demand for Australian produced oil and we are lucky to have our very own made available to you through Aussie Bush Aromas.

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100% pure Eucalyptus polybractea essential oil

Key Science Feature

84% 1.8-cineole


Strong, medicinal, bushy

Oil Colour

Clear to pale yellow


Non toxic when diluted and used externally. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30 degrees celsius away from sunlight.

Furry friends

Animal friendly when used in low doses


Add 5-8 drops to a laundry load to remove bacteria


Add 5-6 drops to a rag to polish and cleanse crockery and cutlery, surfaces and glassware


Add 10ml to a medium bucket of warm water for a natural cleaner

Living Room

Add 2-3 drops to a cotton ball, tissue or handkerchief and carry to relieve congestion
blue mallee bottle

The real deal

Straight-from-the-farm essential oil

Expertly distilled

Distillation process designed by experts


No refining or adulteration, just pure famous eucalyptus

Certificate of Analysis

Certification of Authentication> Lab tested for Quality Control

Individually Batch Tested For Extreme Quality Control

We know where the oil comes from generally because we have a personal hand in harvesting and distilling each product we range. Even still, we conduct internal and external testing on each batch produced so that you have peace of mind knowing that each oil is pure and of top quality, not just because we tell you so. Our quality control program is called Clean and Pure, run by Native Oils Australia which in summary means zero heavy metals and pesticides and no adulteration.

Additional information

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