Lemon Myrtle

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Backhousia citriodora
Warming, sweet, bushy lemon. 

Many believe Lemon Myrtle is a new Australian essential oil, however Lemon Myrtle has been harvested and distilled in Australia since 1889. It’s prized for its high citral content  a common ingredient in many cleaners, shampoos, insect repellents, gut health and anti-inflammatory products. This native Australian oil from the far north coast of New South Wales is refreshing, sweet and calming.




A Bit About Our Farm

Our Lemon Myrtle oil is harvested and distilled across multiple sites on the far north coast of New South Wales. Leaves from the Lemon Myrtle trees have a very small oil content which is why we combine oil from multiple farms. Only leaves and outer stems are harvested allowing the trees to flourish and regenerate year after year. These farms also grow Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Tea Tree, Aniseed Myrtle and Rosalina.


This plantation is hand-harvested and distilled on-site using both a mobile steam distillation rig and a permanent custom built steam distillation system. It is designed and built by Native Oils Australia and uses on-site dam water that is cooled and returned at the end of the distillation process.

Essential Oil Testimonials

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

Lemon Myrtle oil is by far my favourite aroma now

JoCustomer Feedback

My friend got me onto Lemon Myrtle oil and i can't get enough of it. I put it all my cleaning products, laundry, everywhere.

CynthiaCustomer Feedback

3 drops of Lemon Myrtle and 3 drops of Rosalina in a diffuser just makes my day

NicholasCustomer Feedback

Helps to reduce anxiety

Helps to clear clogged pores

Lemon Myrtle Benefits

Lemon Myrtle leaves have been used in culinary delights worldwide, so it’s no surprise that the essential oil would be equally adored. Whilst not a food ingredient, lemon myrtle essential oil is high in a natural component called Citral which is desired for its anti-inflammatory and anti-astringent benefits.

Citral is generally found in Lemon Myrtle oil at anywhere from 75% to 95% depending on when the leaves are harvested and how long the distillation runs. It is also simply a purely beautiful oil to diffuse in the home. Lemon Myrtle has a much sweeter aroma than Lemon oil and also has a little Linalool and Citronellal which is why it has a softer more delicate aroma. Natural citral is also an anti-oxidant and full of anti-bacterial qualities making it a beautiful addition to a household cleaning product.

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100% pure Backhousia citriodora essential oil

Key Science Feature

89% Citral


Soft sweet bushy lemon

Oil Colour

Pale yellow


Non toxic when diluted and used externally. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30 degrees celsius away from sunlight.

Furry friends

Non toxic to animals when diffused in very low doses


Add 8-10 drops to an empty washing machine and cycle to cleanse and refresh


Add 8-10 drops to water and vinegar for a quick natural bench spray


Add 2-3 drops to a palm full olive oil for a natural cleanser

Living room

Diffuse to uplift and relieve anxiety

The real deal

Straight-from-the-farm essential oil

Multiple applications

Suitable for use in everyday living

Harvested by experts

By the team behind Aussie Bush Aromas

Certificate of Analysis

Certification of Authentication > Lab tested for Quality Control

Individually Batch Tested For Extreme Quality Control

We know where the oil comes from generally because we have a personal hand in harvesting and distilling each product we range. Even still, we conduct internal and external testing on each batch produced so that you have peace of mind knowing that each oil is pure and of top quality, not just because we tell you so. Our quality control program is called Clean and Pure, run by Native Oils Australia which in summary means zero heavy metals and pesticides and no adulteration.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
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