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Melaleuca ericifolia
Sweet, lavender-like tea tree, fresh, herbaceous.

This is a delicate calming oil and has qualities that can also be used to supplement the benefits from both eucalyptus and tea tree oils. Much like Lavender, Rosalina has an ability to promote sleep and improve respiration making it a new alternative to a rather common aroma. Also known as Lavender Tea Tree, it is a relatively new essential oil with a high linalool content produced from wild harvest and plantations.




A Bit About Our Farm

Nestled inland off the mid north coast of New South Wales in Biripi country, this farm is situated on low-lying flood-prone land. In perfect growing conditions for the certified organic Rosalina trees, this crop is co-farmed with Tea Tree, Niaouli, Lemon Scented Tea Tree and Lemon Ironbark oils this farm has a lot. It is managed by Native Oils Australia for our long time friend Jan, who has tended to the property alongside her late husband Lachie for decades. The property has been in their family for generations and Native Oils Australia intends to maintain its sustainability.


This plantation is both hand and machine harvested, then distilled onsite using a permanent custom-built steam distillation system It is designed and built by Native Oils Australia and uses on site river water that is cooled and returned at the end of the distillation process.

Essential Oil Testimonials

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

I understand why they call it lavender tea tree, Rosalina is such a beautiful oil!

ImanCustomer Feedback

Thanks for providing photos of the farm, it really helps to know where your oil comes from.

NigelCustomer Feedback

I bought two of the Rosalina oils because i didn't want to miss out.

DanielCustomer Feedback

Helps to soothe inflammation

Helps to reduce stress

Rosalina Benefits

A beautiful harmonious combination of Linalool, Alpha-pinene, 1.8-cineole and limonene is what produces the amazing aroma of this highly regarded essential oil. Therapeutically, Alpha-pinene is a proven anti-inflammatory ingredient used by chemists and scientists globally to soothe muscular inflammation and topically treat irritated skin. Linalool also has a strong anti-inflammatory quality and also contributes to the sweetness of the aroma.

Rosalina is part of the melaleuca family also famous for Tea Tree and Niaouli so it is no surprise that we should see documented evidence for its antiviral  and antibacterial applications. Further to these therapeutic properties, Rosalina oil is a strong contender for soothing anxiety, promoting calm and assisting to quieten the mind.

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100% pure Melaleuca ericifolia essential oil

Key Science Feature

44% Linalool


Sweet, floral, citrus, medicinal bush

Oil Colour

Clear to pale yellow


Non toxic when diluted and used externally. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30 degrees celsius away from sunlight.

Furry friends

Non toxic to animals when diffused


Add 8-10 drops to laundry for a refreshing change


Diffuse to assist with sleep and breathing difficulties


A few drops on a cotton bud can help to remove sink mould

Living room

Add 8-10 drops to 100ml of water for a handy antibacterial room spray

The real deal

Straight-from-the-farm essential oil

Multiple uses

This complex oil provides a diverse range of uses

Harvested with love and care

A multi-faceted farm that is managed with care for its history

Certificate of Analysis

Certification of Authentication > Lab tested for Quality Control

Individually Batch Tested For Extreme Quality Control

We know where the oil comes from generally because we have a personal hand in harvesting and distilling each product we range. Even still, we conduct internal and external testing on each batch produced so that you have peace of mind knowing that each oil is pure and of top quality, not just because we tell you so. Our quality control program is called Clean and Pure, run by Native Oils Australia which in summary means zero heavy metals and pesticides and no adulteration.

Additional information

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